RFID Coil 1mH@125kHz / 28Ω / coil-quality 28

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Product no.: 1340503
Manufacturer: DSW Elektronik GmbH
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Products description

RFID Coils - often used in animal husbandry, security systems or as an transponder coils.

Technical details of this RFID - Coil :

material: self bonded wire (german production)
winding diameter: Ø0,09  Elektrisola FSP18 (Butybond B155)
number of turns: 220 turns
lead wires: tined leadfree
length of lead wires: about 40mm
length of tinning: 5mm
inner diameter: Ø12,5 +0,10 -0,30mm
outer diameter: Ø17 ±0,25mm
winding width: 1,50 +0,10 -0,30mm
inductivity: about 1mH
coil-quality: about 28
DC-resistance: about 28Ω
ROHS - confirmity yes

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