Shed inrush current limiting; 69x83 x 39

Product no.: 1142203

If toroidal transformers operated at high power in the household power grid , there is a lot of times the problems of congestion in the backup of closing . Frequently the nimble breakers can be triggered by the high inrush current. Our inrush have been developed for this purpose. In normal operation , the inrush current is limited to the nominal current of the EBG . A simple electronics ensure that the inrush current flows first through a high power wirewound resistor . After about 0.1 seconds, the limitation of the power electronics switches through unhindered. Unlike NTC resistors lose our EBG with frequent not switch their on-resistance. Note however that a switching frequency of 3 cycles per minute should not be exceeded . The limitation Electronics is reactivated additionally already from a power failure of less than 50ms , preventing circuit breaker tripping during short power interruptions.

Un = 230V/50Hz ; Id = 16A ; Power consumption 3.6 kW


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Shed inrush current limiting; 69x83 x 39