Ringkerntrafo 230V/50/60Hz mit Bef.-Satz, Ø170x76

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Product no.: 1000333
Manufacturer: DSW Elektronik GmbH
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Products description

Toroidal transformer, here with 800VA output power at 2x12V / 33.3A.     (Similar to picture !!)

For example for halogen light applications with 12V output voltage.
Our toroidal transformers are generally delivered with a mounting kit. This is a steel plate that is as large in diameter as the transformer itself, as well as a rubber washer that prevents pressure points from being damaged when screwing on.

Toroidal transformers are characterized by extremely low stray fields and are therefore often used in hi-fi applications. Low-hum versions are possible on express request , these transformers are then calculated "softer" in order to meet the requirement for low volume development.

Furthermore, the transformers can be equipped with automatically reconnectable temperature fuses which interrupt the circuit in the event of overload or overheating of the transformer.

The optionally available inrush current limits can reliably handle inrush current peaks as they often occur with RK transformers.

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