saturation free air inductor 500µH/1200A/19mOHM

2.975,00 EUR
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Product no.: 1291804
Manufacturer: DSW Elektronik GmbH
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Products description


  • Winding support of non-magnetic (non-conductive) GFK profile 40x40mm
  • Fans of electrolytic copper E-Cu. 40x0,7mm turn
  • 2 coils for parallel (500μH) or in series (2000µH)
  • Layer insulation with 90x0,30mm
  • saturation-free construction without magnetic core
  • no metallic components in the design, therefore no eddy current formation in the carrier
  • wrapped with 5mm pitch for maximum air permeability and therefore best, passive or active cooling option
  • Mounting by 4 feet on the ground
  • Start and end of the winding with holes for screw contact
  • Dimensions approx 1000 x 1052 x 255mm
  • Weight 50kg

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